7 Days Challenge: Everyday Trying A New Slide

7 Days Challenge: Everyday Trying A New Slide

Kids and fun are often used interchangeably. Children don't want to miss out on any exciting opportunities. Slides are entertaining playground accessories that allow kids to experience new adventures everyday and improve their health while they play. Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. -is one of the prominent Playground Slide Manufacturers In Delhi. In this blog we'll make kids smile by playing a game where they go on our seven slides throughout seven days.

  • Day 1: Straight Slides - The first day of the week, Monday is standing straight here to start the new week of the month. It’s time to go on the Straight Slides. These are the typical playground equipment that is found there. These slides slope at an angle along a straight path. It is based on a simple machine mechanism.
  • Day 2: Curved Slides - Now that the week's refreshment is slightly curving, today is the time to ride the curved slides. As the kids take on twists and turns and offer more fun, these sliding mechanisms increase the excitement and thrill. The two most popular shapes for curved slides are L and J shapes. These can also be wave-shaped and curled back and forth. So for extra fun, check out these slides.
  • Day 3: Spiral Slides - It's Wednesday, the day that the countdown to Sunday officially starts. So to add even more pleasure to this, try the spiral slides, which are more thrilling and exciting to play on than the curved slides. These slides descend and turn until they reach the exit.
  • Day 4: Metal Slides - We recommend a metal slide to test when the turn comes to day four. Metal sliders are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. These are the most common slides seen on playgrounds constructed of steel. Children slide more quickly on them because of their slicker surface. So now is the time to embark on them if you want an excellent experience.
  • Day- 5: Plastic Slides - The fact that Friday has arrived gives us hope that the weekend is only a night away. It is the day to try something new, so get on the HDPE- or high-density polyethylene-made plastic slides. They are attractive and long-lasting for kids. These slides are less expensive and easier to maintain.
  • Day 6: Stand-Alone Slides - Saturday, the sixth day is the most spectacular day of the week. It’s the day to accept the challenge, and go on the Stand-Alone Slides. The other play area equipment is not connected to these slides. They are necessary for building an enjoyable playground.
  • Day 7: Component Slides - It's Sunday, our favorite day of the week and the last day of the challenge. Explore the Component Slides on this day. These slides are built to be a component of a larger composite playground structure. These slides are accessible to kids from several locations on the playground.

Children's upper and lower body strength is boosted when they play on slides since it needs to climb up before falling. It improves the body's ability to maintain balance and coordination. We understand these advantages and have selected the most remarkable and outstanding Playground Equipment for you. We, one of the Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers In India, are only a phone call away. Ping us or drop your query now.

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