Complete List Of Open Gym Equipment

Complete List Of Open Gym Equipment

The idea of a gym can somehow make you think twice. Some may even be reluctant to hit the indoor gyms as there is super loud music, a closed structure, and people also, at times, do not initiate conversation. The open gyms, although, have attracted the youth as well as the older population to improve their health and also get connected with alike individuals. Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. is one of the esteemed Manufacturers & Suppliers of Open Gym Equipment In India.

Here is a list of open gym equipment that is available at an open gym to help you improve your health and live a better being.

  • Vertical Climb: This simple equipment helps your heart get more pumping. You can use this in multiple ways, one being by stretching your arms and holding the overhead rungs. Alternatively, you can also hook your ankles like a ballet bar.
  • Rope Climb: To enhance the challenge of climbing, you can use a rope climb. Pull yourself up the thick rope that hangs from the middle of an archway. This helps in building grip and also improves upper body strength.
  • Beam Jump: A narrow beam is placed at a very low height from the ground. Along with balancing, you can also jump horizontally. This simple beam provides excellent aerobic exercises. Moreover, you can also use it for lateral jumps that would help you with leg workouts such as glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. These are also called balance beams.
  • Sit-Up Benches: This is one unit that can help you strengthen your core muscles. A very simple exercise involving lying on the back and repeatedly lifting the torso in a sitting position. Similar exercises such as crunches can also be done on a sit-up bench. This helps in isolating the abdominal muscles.
  • Pull-Up Bar: A pull-up bar is for those, looking for strengthening the upper body. There are open gym equipment manufacturers, who make sure the gripping is easy so that you can pull your weight up and exercise.
  • Chin-Up Bar: Similarly, there also are Chin-up Bars, that come with the option to adjust the height accordingly. In this, you need to grip the bar with your palms facing you. Now you need to do is pull your weight up and your chin should go beyond the bar. This is one favorite exercise for gym enthusiasts.
  • Dip & Leg Raise Station: This is a fun piece of equipment, that helps in arm strengthening. You need to raise your legs making use of the parallel bars aligned on the vertical bars. This exercise also helps strengthen the upper body in a great way.

The list goes on and on and on. There also are Playground Equipment, Multiplay System, and Multiplay Station that helps in improving the core strength. The open gyms have become the trend of the town as you can get to work out in natural surroundings. In addition to this, there are open gym equipment manufacturers in India, who are also appreciated for offering a complete range that includes Press Station, Hyperextension Bench, Row Stations, Monkey Bars, Cargo Nets, Arc Ladder, and Arc Traverse. Moreover, if you are planning to open one, you can easily get in touch with these manufacturers and start an amazing open gym with all advanced outdoor exercise units.

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