The fun starts immediately by spinning the handle to generate Human Powered Energy. This energy is used to fill the playground with beautiful music and stories! Both young and old just can’t resist to give the MusicBall a spin.

The fun is endless! Playing is a crucial element in the development of children and even adults!

Inside of the MusicBall there’s a USB stick which holds all the music. Simply pull it out and put a different .mp3 file on it and now your MusicBall has new content! Next to the USB stick there’s a volume knob and a switch to play the music in alphabetical order or in a random order.


Start travelling by spinning the wheel, this generates Human Powered Energy which is used to produce all kinds of sounds!

One moment you could be on a pirate ship, the next moment you could be an astronaut in space! The KineticWheel enhances every play experience by adding sounds and making it more interactive than ever.

Inside of the KineticWheel there’s a USB stick, a volume knob and a switch to play the sounds in alphabetical or random order. Change the KineticWheel experience by simply changing the .mp3 audio files on the USB stick which can be pulled out.

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The AudioNetic is a wildly usable piece of playground equipment. The interactive and fun experience starts by pumping the foot pedal a few times. Once it’s charged with Human Powered Energy, sound will start playing.

The AudioNetic can come packed with all kinds of fun and interesting games, or, it can be used as an interactive information point. It could tell the story of a city, company or a piece of art. It can turn any static experience into a dynamic experience! The possibilities go on and on.

The button on the AudioNetic is used to switch from language, game or audio file. Inside of the AudioNetic there’s a USB stick, volume knob and a switch to play the audio files in alphabetical or random order. The content of the AudioNetic can be changed by simply putting different .mp3 audio files on the USB stick. All our products are entirely Human Powered, this means that there’s no need for external electricity or batteries which makes installation of our products very easy.

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Do you have what it takes to take the KineticSpinner for a spin? Hold on tight because you're in for a ride! As soon as the KineticSpinner starts to spin, Human Powered Energy will be generated.

This sustainable form of energy is used to produce an epic light show with incredible music. On top of the KineticSpinner there is even a button which you can press to change the color of the lights and to also change the music!

The spinning motion of this unique merry-go-round generates all the energy needed. Batteries or underground power cables are something from the past. Playnetic playground equipment makes use of sustainable Human Powered Energy. This makes the installation and maintenance process a breeze.

Note: The KineticSpinner does not make use of a speckled rubber floor anymore, concrete plywood is now used.

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